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  • Choose a font from the drop down in the upper right.
  • Select a character from the list to see a larger version of it with additional useful info.
  • Type into any of the text boxes and tab away to search by that field.
  • Save as a transparent image (tap on the picture of the glyph to reverse colors).
  • Adjust the pixel width or height to save at a different resolution without loss. Note: the aspect ratio is always maintained.
  • If you don't see the character you're looking for, it means the selected font does not contain a glyph for that character.
  • Each character is listed in order of its Unicode value and grouped by code page.
  • Use semantic zoom to see all groups available with a glyph count for each.
  • Change the theme by using the Preferences option in the Setting Charm (swipe from the right).
  • Filter by group by checking which groups to include & exclude.
  • Copy the character directly to your clipboard.

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