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Larger characters may extend out of their ItemContainer and Preview Box


Larger character types can extend outside of their ItemContainer and Preview Box while running the app in a 1920x1080.

See attached Image.

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timgreenfield wrote Mar 29, 2014 at 5:42 PM

Thanks Matt, Unfortunately, there are couple challenges to this problem...
1) Glyph render sizes can be larger than their render bounds. This is how some fonts (e.g. cursive fonts) can actually show 2 characters that are right next to each other but technically protrude into one another's rectangle.
2) While a textblock loaded with a character will give us a way to programmatically query the bounds of a glyph, I haven't figured out a way to determine the render size of a glyph yet.

If you know of a way to solve #2, we could fix the issue. It's possible DirectWrite offers a way but I haven't looked to hard yet. Please let me know if you have ideas.